Illustration Friday: Shadow

This weeks topic is Shadow. I always liked to think of the past as sort of shadows we cast and sometimes the smallest things have the most interesting histories. I would’ve loved to do this one in more detail, but I fear my hands wanted the holiday off and boy did they protest even doing this much. Still not bad for being done mostly one handed. Oh the joys of fibromyalgia, but I am starting to get more done again and am very happy this image is here. I hope everyone out there has a safe and happy thanksgiving!

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T-Shirt Contest!

Have another t-shirt contest entry going on, wish me luck!
If you would like to vote here is a link to the site:

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Illustration Friday; Worn


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Illustration Friday; Tension


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Illustration Friday 1/6/2013

This weeks topic was edge so I did a take on “the cutting edge of technology”. This was a simple sketch vectored in Adobe Illustrator.

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DosBlanc Logo



I recently had the privilege of doing a logo for Montreal-born composer Micheal R Edward’s DosBlanc. His music is what I would consider a must have for anyone who enjoys classical music. It’s the perfect sort of thing for relaxing in a comfy chair with a glass of wine and a nice set of headphones on. This logo was done in Adobe Illustrator, as always my program of choice. I’m especially proud of how the black and white version came out and really loved working with such a fun client.

For anyone who may be interested in his works you may find them at Be sure to stop by and give his music a try, its wonderful work and a great stress reliever.

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Illustration Friday:Beginner

Beginner by Melissa Bozarth

Illustration of the first fish to crawl on to dry land.

This weeks theme for Illustration Friday is Beginner so I decided to go with an evolution theme depicting the first fish to come on land.

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