My Honest Review of the Goyard St Louis GM Tote

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Over the past few years, I've acquired a vast selection of  designer handbags. I wanted to find timeless & classic styles that would hold up over over the years, especially with all the wear they would go through. One of my most used designer handbag purchases is the Goyard St Louis GM tote. I use it mostly for work & travel and have been so pleased with how the the Goyard St Louis GM tote has held up over the years. Today I'll be sharing my honest review of the Goyard St Louis GM tote, as well as answering some of your most asked questions.

Goyard Saint Louis GM Totes

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Fashion Jackson Goyard Saint Louis GM Tote

About Goyard

First, a little about the Goyard brand. Prior to the House of Goyard, was the House of Martin and Morel, founded in 1792. Specializing in box-making, trunks, and packing, the house was ahead of its time, focusing more on packing garments and delicate items. In 1845 the House of Martin and Morel hired 17-year old apprentice François Goyard who would work for 32 years before passing down to his son Edmond Goyard in 1885. Edmond turned the now iconic store on rue Saint-Honoré into a shopping destination for the elite. By opening state of the art factories, he had complete control of the manufacturing process ensuring the highest level of excellence in workmanship. The House of Goyard was bought in 1998 by Signoles, who shared the same passion for high quality production and craftsmanship. Within 10 years the Goyard brand was re-established with timeless elegance, craftsmanship and exclusivity.

Fashion Jackson Whats In My Travel Bag Goyard Tote organizer
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Goyardine St Louis GM Tote Fabric, Size, & Price

I bought my tote at the original Goyard boutique on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris during the fall of 2017. As there are no details online regarding pricing, I was really unsure of the exact price prior to visiting the boutique. I purchased my Goyard St Louis GM tote for $1,100 USD (based on the conversion rate at the time). Because this was years ago, I am sure the prices have increased, and it makes it a little more complicated since I bought it abroad and there is obviously a conversion rate to factor in. If you want to purchase a new Goyard product, you'll have to visit one of their worldwide boutiques. If you're interested in purchasing a pre-owned Goyard product, I recommend Fashionphile.

The Goyard St Louis GM tote measures 34cm x 20cm x 40cm and has a 19cm x 11cm" detachable leather pouch. To clarify, the pouch does detach, however the strap that attaches to the pouch stays attached to the shoulder straps. The shoulder strap has approximately an 21cm drop. Although its appearance is similar to leather, the Goyardine is made with natural coated cloth mixing linen and cotton, which creates the iconic canvas fabric.

FAQs about the Goyard St Louis GM Tote

Q: How do you keep it organized?

A: I use this tote organizer in size XL which helps give the bag structure

Q: What’s the most versatile color?

A: My personal choice was black & tan because it goes with most of my apparel. I also love the white!

Q: How do you care for your bag?

A: I didn't do anything specific - read here for more care tips

Q: Does it hold its shape?

A: So far, yes.

Q: Did you/can you monogram?

A: I didn't monogram mine, but yes, you can. Read here for more details

Q: Does it close? If not, is that a problem?

A: There is no top zipper but I actually prefer this because its easier to get in and out of. The Goyard Artois has a top zipper

Q: Can you fit your laptop in it?

A: Yes, my 16" laptop fits with plenty of room.

Q: Weight capacity?

A: I don't know the exact weight capacity, but the heavier it gets, the less comfortable the shoulder straps become

Fashion Jackson Goyard Anjou GM Tote vs. Goyard Saint Louis Tote
Fashion Jackson Goyard Anjou GM Tote

Goyard Saint Louis GM vs. Anjou GM

Recently Goyard introduced the Anjou GM tote which is a nod to the classic Saint Louis GM tote. The main difference (besides price) between the two bags is the fact that the Goyard Anjou GM tote is reversible! One side of the tote is the classic Goyard logo print while the other side is a solid color leather. Honestly had this been an option when I was looking to purchase my Goyard tote years ago, I would have purchased. I love that the extra leather gives the bag more structure, there are leather seam details down the sides, and the option to switch between logo or solid is really the big seller in my opinion. My friend has the Anjou so you can see the visual difference in the images. Will I purchase the Anjou? Maybe in a fun color or classic black; what color would you pick?

  • Goyard Saint Louis GM 34cm x 20cm x 40cm, 350g in Chevroches calfskin and Goyardine Canvas
  • Goyard Anjou GM: 34cm x 20cm x 40cm, 700g in Chevroches calfskin and Goyardine Canvas

* The Goyard site does state that the Saint Louis GM is reversible, however, I don't believe that was ever the original intention of the tote. I've personally never seen anyone carry this tote with the canvas on the exterior.

Fashion Jackson Goyard Anjou GM Tote Interior
Fashion Jackson Goyard Anjou GM Tote Interior

My Review of the Goyard St Louis GM Tote

Now that I've had the tote for many years, it's definitely seen is fair share of use. While it isn't my "everyday" bag, I do use it about 2-3 times a week for work as well as every time I travel (for a few months it was even my gym bag). It honestly still looks brand new, except for the pen ink stain on the interior - oops. The straps don't show any signs of wear or cracking and the canvas is still in excellent condition.

Day-to-day I carry my 16" laptop, the tote organizer which helps to give it structure, these organizer pouches, phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and maybe a few other small items. There is more than enough room. When traveling I'll carry the same items, as well as a small handbag, my headphones, a book, and water bottle. Again there is plenty of room. It's almost like my Mary Poppins bag!

A lot of you guys asked why I chose the Goyard Tote over the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (MM or GM), and honestly it was just personal preference. Louis Vuitton makes beautiful products which I love, but I was more attracted to the Goyard tote at the end of the day. If you're deciding between the two brands, you honestly can't go wrong. I haven't reviewed the LV Neverfull, so I can't compare the Goyard tote to Louis Vuitton tote. Below I'm sharing my pros & cons about the Goyardine St Louis GM Tote.

  • Pros: durable, classic, holds a ton, less expensive than the Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM and GM
  • Cons: still costly, straps aren't comfortable when bag is heavy

Would I buy the tote again? Yes! As someone who doesn't take the best care of my handbags (I'm a little lazy), this bag seriously still looks brand new! Quality will always win in my book. Let me know in the comments below if you still have more questions.

Goyard Saint Louis GM Totes

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  1. Barbara Wipf said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    Hello, I’m a newcomer to your site and having been enjoying the chance to see all of your chic and classic outfits. I often want to see which designers you are wearing but you often note designers who are similar instead. Can you share the sources for what you are really wearing? For example, the black sweater for your review of your Goyard tote?

    • Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

      Thank you for your note! I linked the exact sweater I’m wearing (from Anine Bing), as well as a similar budget friendly style. I will always include the exact links to the items I’m wearing (as long as they are available online). If you still have questions about something, please feel free to email me! xx

  2. Jessie said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    I was obsessed with this bag when I saw it on your website! On a trip to New York last year, I invested in the Artois (cuz it has a zipper and sometimes I’m a mess) and the Saint Marie clutch to keep my junk together (it helps)….thanks for introducing me to this brand because I wasn’t feeling it with the LV tote since everyone has it! Oddly enough, I get a lot of compliments on it – mostly from men!

    • Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

      I think its such a classic design and more unique since not as many carry Goyard. I think that’s what ultimately grabbed my attention.

  3. T said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    Do you have any recommendations for totes for travel that zip close?

  4. Julie said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    Hi Amy! Just want some clarification; totally not criticizing here! Please don’t take it that way! So, you mention that this is a review for the GM tote, however, your first paragraph keeps saying “PM”: One of my more recent designer handbag purchases was the Goyard St Louis PM tote. I was in the market for a new tote that I could use mostly for work & travel, and ultimately decided on the Goyard St Louis PM tote. I’m still so happy with my decision, so today I’ll be sharing my honest review of the Goyard St Louis PM tote, as well as answering some of your most asked questions.

    So I’m just curious…are the GM/PM terms interchangeable and they’re the same size regardless? I like the size of yours so I want to make sure I get the right one..thanks so much 🙂 xx

    • Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

      I’m so sorry! I had a typo (copy & paste – oops!) Its definitely the GM! The PM is smaller. Sorry for the confusion!

  5. Dana said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    I LOVE my Goyard tote…but I will add that in really cold weather, the material freezes up and gets stiff and crinkly so I don’t really use it during the winter (in Chicago). Otherwise, I think it’s such a fantastic carryall!

  6. Kathryn said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    Thanks for this great review Amy.
    I have the same colour in the St Louis but the next size down. I also have the same size LV Neverfull and I love them both amd could not pick one over the other.
    FYI in relation to price. I was travelling to Hong Kong and knew I was going to purchase a Goyard from the Peninsula store. I emailed ahead and got them to provide a price, in my case in Australian Dollars. They were most helpful and answered a couple of other questions I had by email. I was very impressed with the service.
    Love the new site and all of your content!

    • Posted 2.22.19 · Reply

      They really do have the best service! Glad to hear you were able to get them to help provide a price – I know not all boutiques are the same way. Also – Hong Kong is one of my FAVORITE cities! Thanks so much for your kind note! xx

  7. Allison said:
    Posted 2.21.19 · Reply

    Did you also check out the Artois GM? I have not yet seen it in person but they say it’s very similar, but with zipper closure. Was just wondering why you didn’t for that instead?

    • Posted 2.22.19 · Reply

      I actually didn’t know there was a zipper tote option, until recently. I might consider that style in a different size/color for the future!

  8. Whinnie said:
    Posted 2.24.19 · Reply

    This was such a detailed and informative post. Thank you, Amy!

  9. Courtney said:
    Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

    Great info, thanks for reviewing! Do you have any issues with holes in the corners of the canvas or the straps cracking at all?

    • Posted 2.25.19 · Reply

      Not at all!!! I have heard that using the bag in extreme cold temps (like Chicago & New York), people have had issues with leather cracking, but so far the bag has held up perfectly for me! xx

  10. Laura said:
    Posted 7.16.19 · Reply

    Which sweater do you have on in the goyard tote post?

    • Posted 7.21.19 · Reply

      Hi – Its linked in the post under outfit details

  11. Kiara Besonia said:
    Posted 8.18.19 · Reply

    Great post! I’ve had my eye on this bag for awhile and the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger is because I’ve heard that it cracks in colder weather. You mention that it still looks brand new…just wondering if you have taken it out in cold weather.

    • Kiara Besonia said:
      Posted 8.18.19 · Reply

      Just read other responses! Good to know that there is indeed some concerns with taking it into colder climates. Thanks again for the good read!

  12. Trudy Kelly said:
    Posted 9.11.19 · Reply

    I get lots of compliments and questions about my Goyard bag, but I would never purchase another one.I had the bag for less than a year and handle atarted to peel. I rarely wear this bag. It messes up my clothing. I called and they want me to pay $300 to replace the handle.

    • Posted 9.12.19 · Reply

      I have heard that the handles can start to crack if worn in very cold temperatures. Sorry you had a bad experience!

  13. Meredith Kronja said:
    Posted 9.14.19 · Reply

    I love this bag, and love that it’s a similar concept to the never full… but like with most Celine bags if you know you know. When I am back in Paris I’m getting one and will let you know about pricing and VAT refunds.

  14. Cat Guzman said:
    Posted 10.17.19 · Reply

    Love this bag. What do you think of it in Navy? Thinking of investing but wanted to try a different color since I have other totes in brown/black.

    • Posted 10.17.19 · Reply

      I personally don’t wear a lot of navy, so it wouldn’t work for me. But if you do, then I say go for it!

      • BC said:
        Posted 2.12.20 · Reply

        How has this been holding up over time? Super interested in this same tote!

        • Posted 2.13.20 · Reply

          Excellent! I have heard that the handles may crack in extreme cold weather conditions. Just something to keep in mind. I haven’t experienced this yet though.

  15. Clara said:
    Posted 12.30.19 · Reply

    The straps on my red goyard bag peeled and would stain my clothes. I got it at the San Francisco store. Luckily, they agreed to repair it. My Louis Vuitton tote has lasted longer.

  16. Ali said:
    Posted 12.30.19 · Reply

    This will be my next purchase when I go back to Paris! I went in sept and got a goyard clutch plus this exact bag and size for my mom. With VAT subtracted she ended up paying $940 USD (which is basically free! Lol). It’s worth it to wait and buy it when you’re in Europe instead of overpaying in a US boutique. I’m drooling over your pics of it now – thanks for sharing!

  17. Danielle Johnson-Gilbert said:
    Posted 3.16.20 · Reply

    I just bought this same bag and I’m wondering how yours is holding up? I noticed the glazing seems to be thin and I can see a line where two pieces of material line up in the straps. Is yours like this as well?

    • Posted 3.17.20 · Reply

      Mine is still in excellent condition! yes there is a line in the straps, that is normal.

  18. Julie said:
    Posted 4.17.20 · Reply

    Hello, the Goyard is definitely a beautiful bag. Do you happen to know if the Goyard PM is the equivalent in size to the LV Neverfull MM?

    • Posted 4.19.22 · Reply

      not sure, you’ll have to compare the measurements online!

  19. Marie said:
    Posted 4.28.20 · Reply

    I just discovered Goyard bags and I love the St. Louis. I sadly missed out on an excellent deal for a preowned bag but I’m looking at another bag now. I’m afraid there are fakes out there and I don’t know how to spot them. Can you recommend a way to tell if a Goyard bag is authentic or fake?

    I love your blog and great photos!


    • Posted 4.19.22 · Reply

      Use a trusted resale site like Fashionphile to buy discounted designer items.

  20. Nesrine said:
    Posted 5.11.20 · Reply

    Thank you SO much for this review. I’ve been wanting the red or orange one but couldn’t find a proper review. This truly helps. I wish they just had an online store though.



  21. Dominic Walton said:
    Posted 7.12.20 · Reply

    They do send you pricing via email and instructions on how to purchase. The purchase is setup through one of their brand ambassadors and completed through wire transfer.

  22. Demi said:
    Posted 7.14.20 · Reply

    The Goyard St Louis tote looks beautiful! Love the review, I might add it on my wishlist!

  23. Carter Reid said:
    Posted 11.22.20 · Reply

    Goyard suggests that the St. Louis shouldn’t be used for everyday use as its not as durable. I personally like the look of the St. Louis vs. Some of their other bags? Your thought on durability? Thx

    • Posted 11.27.20 · Reply

      Its my “work” bag and I use it for my laptop and travel and its held up great for 3+ years!

  24. Lynn M Astrup said:
    Posted 1.7.21 · Reply

    Would you invest in the PM size?! What made you go for the GM over the PM. I feel like i would use the PM more for just running errands and on weekends. And it could still fit my laptop

    • Posted 4.19.22 · Reply

      I think mostly because I’m 5’10 and the larger size just looked better on my frame! This is definitely just a personal preference

  25. Hannah said:
    Posted 6.5.21 · Reply

    Thanks for this review! I have the LV neverfull GM and was between buying a Goyard or another LV in a different print. You’re so right that it comes to preference at the end of the day. I do like that the LV’s pouch is a little bigger and the strap detaches with it so you can use it as a wristlet. And I PACK it full and it never gets uncomfortable (the straps look much less comfortable on the Goyard). That said, I’ll probably go with the Goyard as soon as I travel this summer, because it’a just such a classic and harder to get ahold of. Thanks again! Love the print you chose too.

  26. Stacey Dominguez said:
    Posted 12.12.21 · Reply

    What do you think about the Goyard tote with the black leather trim vs. the same bag with the tan leather trim? I know I like the black bag but need some advice on the trim color. Thank you.

    • Posted 4.19.22 · Reply

      I don’t think you can go wrong! If you wear a lot of black, go for it!

  27. Angela said:
    Posted 1.5.22 · Reply

    Ive heard the color transfers on clothes. Did you experience this?

  28. Pamela said:
    Posted 8.15.22 · Reply

    Thanks for this great review! I own the LV Never Full, but wanted something different. You’ve helped me make up my mind!

  29. Anita Trullinger said:
    Posted 8.17.22 · Reply

    I love my Goyard tote as well. I have had it around 5 yrs. I bought the white and the bag itself looks great however the handles are so dirty. I have tried leather cleaner on them and it made no difference. Do you have any suggestions as to a cleaning product. Thank you so much. I enjoyed your article and found it very helpful. Anita