Golden Goose vs Veja Sneaker Comparison: Price, Fit, Comfort & More

There’s a mood and occasion for every type of sneaker. Over the past year or so, I’ve definitely become somewhat of a sneaker fiend. I just can’t get enough of them! Jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts—sneakers go with literally everything. 

One question I get constantly, though, is whether I prefer Golden Goose sneakers or Veja sneakers more. It’s not such an easy question to answer because my response varies on your own style and preference, but I can definitely provide you guys with some firsthand insight into both Golden Goose sneakers and Vejas so you can make the best decision for you!

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Golden Goose Superstar vs. Veja V-10 Sneakers

PRICE: Golden Goose start around $500 and go up from there (sometimes upwards of $1,000!). This is because each pair of Golden Goose sneakers are handcrafted in Italy, one by one. That means that every pair is one-of-a-kind! As for Vejas, they run around $150.

FIT: My normal shoe size is an 8.5, and I wear a 38 in both! FYI the Veja run big, so I went down a size. Veja EU38 is technically a US7.5

COMFORT: I find Golden Goose sneakers to be comfortable right out of the box! I know some have said otherwise, especially if they’re the Mid Stars, which are ankle height. With the Vejas, I had to figure out exactly how to tie them to make them more comfortable; I either slide the tongue off to the slide or loop my laces through the tongue notches, and they’re instantly comfy! Vejas also makes a velcro strap sneaker which I don’t have yet, but am planning on adding to my collection very soon.

STYLING: Golden Goose has only grown in popularity over the last few years. Therefore, if you go this route, your sneakers will absolutely be noticed. This is a good thing if you want to catch others’ eyes with your personal style. Plus, with so many unique, fun styles available, it’s the kind of sneaker that makes a statement without trying. A lot of people wonder why sneakers that are made to look dirty right out of the box are so expensive. That’s just the style! It’s the same idea as paying a certain amount for ripped up jeans. If you want the Golden Goose look for way less, this pair by Steve Madden are the best dupes I’ve found yet!

If you’re not into the flashy kind of sneaker, definitely go Vejas. The simple, minimal look is so classic and goes with just about everything. I also love the retro look of Vejas. Any of the neutral colors are great, but I favor my black and white pair most. If I’m wearing an outfit that I want to keep simple but stylish, I gravitate towards Vejas.

QUALITY: I've had my Golden Goose the longest and feel like I wear them almost every day! With that much wear, you’d think they’d be more beat up but they’ve held up perfectly. The Vejas are newer to my sneaker arsenal, but have also held up extremely well for how often I take them out on the town. I will say because the Golden Goose hide scuffs and stains better since they come pre-scuffed, whereas the Vejas are pretty pristine.

Which Pair of Sneakers Should You Buy?

It's still such a hard decision for me. I'm constantly looking at neutral Veja sneakers, including the velcro style, but I also can't resist a new fun pair of Golden Goose. If you like a little more classic look, go with the Veja, but if you're up for something a little more fun and edgy, try the Golden Goose. Whichever sneaker you decide on, be it the investment of Golden Goose sneakers or the more budget-friendly and classic Vejas, you truly can’t go wrong.

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